Thursday, 8 February 2018

Tunisian crochet scarf (zero waste gift)

Katie wanted to make a present for her BFF. We thought he could do with a scarf but I wanted her to do the heavy lifting on this one as she is 9, so I usually get little to no help (or credit!)

I thought Tunisian crochet would be a nice thing for her to learn as it's less fiddly than crochet or knitting and it worked beautifully!  Now, I did help her make this, but she did do a lot of the crochet herself and is very proud of the result! I hope BFF appreciates the effort!!

Instructions we followed from this blog: we used a 5mm crochet needle and some self patterning sirdar (I think!) Sock yarn which I'd made into a jumper years ago and have unwound, so it's recycled too!

Bad photo as it's night time and I've just realised his birthday is tomorrow!

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