Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lorraine and Matt's Wedding Cake - March 2009

Lorraine and I have been friends for more than half our lives and she is my bestest friend in the whole world. It was a pleasure to make the wedding cake for her and Matt when they got married last year, it was also a great culinary pleasure to try to create the best tasting chocolate cake ever to present to them as their gift from me.

Matt was married in his US Army whites (forgive me if I get the terminology wrong!) so a traditional English bride and groom topper would not have done. I actually commissioned a woman to make me a lego bride and groom in order to show off his whites, sword and his special black pointy shoes!! I hope these photos do it justice.

Lorraine and I on her big day:

Cutting the cake:

Close up:

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  1. And it was the bestest cake in the whole wide world ever!! And now I'm really craving a piece of it. It was a beautiful day and a very yummy cake!