Monday, 24 September 2012

Felt Advent Calendar

My friend Lucy put me onto this website as an advent calendar made of felt which you can use every year forever!! Brilliant I thought and have been busy sewing this little beauty for the last few months on and off. It was time consuming but now it's on the wall (for photo purposes of course! I'm not mental!) it looks a-MAZE-ing!!!

See the instructions on this brilliant blog Shannon Makes Stuff:

Each of the baubles is a little pocket that you can put a treat in, one side has the number and on the reverse is a Christmas image - a real, proper advent calendar!! :)

I love that I've done this in time to make it a Christmas Hughes tradition too, the kids are still so young that this will hopefully be one of those special things that makes Christmas for them and that makes me all warm and fuzzy.

NB. I know the lighting is quite bad but I thought it would make it more atmospheric. I might re-post it with daytime pictures depending how badly these come out!!

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