Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Home made pasta

I was very excited today to start our Zero Waste new year, it was also quite nice to shop for something which wasn't "Christmas" food. Mr H and I are feeling rather saturated with meat and cheese!
I managed to get quite a lot of things from Lidl in tins, a few bags of flour etc, also had butternut squash for 65p each so i have a few of those noe. I prefer to get my fresh produce in Waitrose and they have quite a few fruit and vegetables loose, but I had to weigh them and got stickers I didn't want, maybe next time I'll self scan rather than quick check.
I had made pasta by hand earlier in the day, along with a basic tomato sauce, we had this for dinner when I got back and it was gorgeous! I have since arranged to borrow a pasta machine from a friend because rolling it by hands was time consuming and a great deal of effort!
Pasta recipe here: http://www.cookingandbeer.com/2015/03/how-to-fresh-homemade-pasta/

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