Thursday, 17 September 2015

New term, new beginnings

Baby Hughesy stared school this week. It's been something of a shock, he seems to be enjoying it more now though which is a relief!! He goes full time from tomorrow so that's exciting. After being overprotective of him starting school I have to admit I'm looking forward to him starting proper so that I can not only get some work done but so I can get myself into a routine!! You don't know what you had until you go without and I've had eight weeks of chaos, I'm more than ready for this new chapter now!!

Tonight was Beavers. We undertook the COOK badge and made scones, I baked them at home to save time and get rid of the sadder looking ones. They did very well as actually the scones are delicious! Used this recipe for them :

Next time we need to measure out the ingredients first but we don't need to again for some time!

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