Saturday, 12 January 2013

Problems posting

I'm having real problems posting on my blog at the moment, I cannot upload files directly from my computer - how frustrating!!

I am loading the files onto Pinterest first and then converting the URL onto blogger, there may be another way to do it but this seems to be working.

If you are interested in visiting my on Pinterest my profile is:

I am considering taking my crafting seriously in 2013. I have already booked a couple of craft fayres and will be making things to sell through my etsy shop. I am working on ideas at the moment and hoping that the craft fayres will guide me in the direction of items I make that people want to buy.

I am also toying with the idea of running craft groups for children as daytime and after school activities, I think I have found an appropriate hall, now I just need to gather my thoughts and wait for the kids to grow up!!! I will be doing something this year though, you mark my words.

ttfn. Connie x

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  1. I had some trouble too, using IE. But it was fine in Firefox, so maybe try another browser.